According to the Constitution of GREF, the Forum can decide to establish working groups on specific items. Currently GREF has three working groups:

  • E-Gambling and Technical Issues
  • Information and Statistics
  • Responsible Gambling and Addiction


E-Gambling and Technical Issues

The Working Group on E-Gambling and Technical Issues (WGEGTI) exchanges views and shares information to develop a better understanding of eGambling and identify  good practices to address risks associated with e-gambling and technical issues, while taking account of varying legal and policy constraints of members.

This working group is co-chaired by Steve Brennan (Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission) and Claire Pinson (Frence Online Gaming Regulatory Authority).


Information and Statistics

The purpose of the working group is the development and maintenance of an informal network of experts and regulatory officers across GREF members to exchange views and to provide – on a yearly basis –relevant statistical information from the GREF member states. Some of the information is also published.

This working group is co-chaired by Flóra Felso (Netherlands Gaming Authority) and Vacant.


Responsible Gambling and Addiction

The working group focuses on the protection of consumers and citizens, mainly ensuring the protection of minors, enhancing responsible advertising, reducing problem gambling or gambling addiction. The group will promote the exchange of best practices.

This working group is co-chaired by Saaramia Varvio (Finnish National Police Board – Gambling Administration) and Jonny Engebø (Norwegian Gaming Authority).