On 29 March at 10am CET, the annual GREF lecture took place. The topic of the lecture that has been chosen for the year 2022 was – The Effects of Advertising and Marketing Pressure and was presented by Associate Professor Alex M T Russell.

Alex is a Principal Research Fellow in the Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory at CQ University Australia. He has worked in gambling research for about 10 years, and has studied a wide range of topics, including internet gambling, sports betting, youth gambling, gambling-related stigma, risk factors for gambling problems and harm, social influences, and emerging or simulated forms of gambling. In general, his work examines how technology is changing gambling, who is most at risk from any potentially harmful changes, and how to minimise harm.

As well as the effects of advertising, Alex also presented some of his findings in relation to his work in relation to new forms of gambling and the particular interest to the younger generation and the risks associated with those new forms.

Please click here to access to the recordings, presentation slides and articles for the GREF Annual (2022) Lecture.