The name shall be the Gaming Regulators European Forum or GREF in its abbreviated form.


The Forum has two main objects:

  1. provide a forum in which European gaming regulators can meet, exchange views and information and discuss policy on gaming matters; and
  2. on special occasions and with the agreement of participants represent the different views of European Gaming Regulators and also provide a central point of contact for enquiries directed at them from authorities or related organizations in Europe and elsewhere.


Participation in GREF is open to representatives of all gaming regulatory organisations in all European countries.


The Articles of Incorporation provides for up to 9 members. These are:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Administrator (ex officio)
  • Plus 4 other members.


Members of the Board are elected by a majority of all member jurisdictions present at a regular meeting following the ‘one flag, one vote’ principle.

The terms of office are:

  • The Chair may serve for a maximum term of two years.
  • The Vice-Chair may serve for a maximum of two years.
  • The Secretary and Treasurer may serve for a maximum of four years.
  • Ordinary Members serve for two years.

Elections will take place during the regular meeting at which a Board Member’s term of office will expire. The Board may at any time appoint a member to fill any vacancy on the Board until the next regular meeting.

At the end of their term of office, the Chair will leave the Board and must wait two years before being eligible for re-election to any post on the Board. On retirement from the Board, the Chair will be replaced by the Vice-Chair. In the event that the Chair retires mid-year, the Vice-Chair will serve as Chair designate until the next regular period of office. Retiring Secretaries or Treasurers are eligible for re-election to another post, but may not be re-appointed to their former post.


The role of the Administrator is not elected and has no vote on the Board. The position of Administrator is appointed by simple majority of the Board. The Board may choose to pay for the services of an Administrator. The Treasurer must include any such costs within the annual statement of accounts.


Our Articles of Incorporation are here:

GREF Limited Handbook – update 6 August 2019


One regular meeting will normally be held each year. The Board shall request a member jurisdiction to host the next meeting. Additional meetings may be called as required. The working language of GREF will be English. In the event that a host cannot be found, the Board shall make such arrangements to organise the annual Conference as they see fit, save that the member jurisdiction (where applicable) shall affirm its consent in advance. In the event that the Board are obliged to invoke this authority, the jurisdiction where the meeting takes place will not be the official host and will not be responsible for the organisation of the Conference.


Membership of GREF will be subject to an annual fee. The fee will be proposed by the Treasurer or other designated representative of the Board and must be adopted by a majority of all jurisdictions present at a regular meeting.


The Treasurer or other designated representative of the Board will present a statement of accounts at least once a year at a regular meeting and in the event of no regular meeting taking place will supply, on request, a statement of accounts for the preceding year to any regular member. The Treasurer or other designated representative of the Board may appoint a Committee from amongst the members of GREF to scrutinize the accounts.


The Forum can decide to establish working groups on specific items. A working group may present reports at a regular meeting. Each working group will ordinarily be lead by two CoChairs, one appointed by the Board and one elected by the jurisdictions present at a regular meeting. The working group will continue until it announces its work complete. The Executive Board may appoint a new Co-Chair in the event of a vacancy until the next regular meeting. The Board may approve a new working group at any time and may request a jurisdiction to take responsibility for its work programme.


Participants may propose items for inclusion in the agenda of a meeting and call for position papers, provided the Executive Board is notified at least three months in advance. The Executive Board should ordinarily circulate an agenda and call for papers at least two months before the meeting.


GREF is a UK registered private company limited by guarantee. Our company name is the Gaming Regulators’ European Forum Limited (GREFL). Our registered office address is 1 Bedford Row, London, United Kingdom, WC1R 4BZ. Company number: 10791340.